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Winchester Chapter of the 
Izaak Walton League

The Winchester Chapter has multiple trails throughout the property for varying levels of fitness activities.  The campground loop is the easiest trail while the chapter house trails follow the contours of the land through the forest. The chapter house trails are considered almost moderate. 

The Campground Loop

Start at the campground and follow the loop through the outpost and through the open meadows along the Opeqon creek This trail is the mowed regularly and is the best trail for walking dogs. Dogs are allowed off leash (as long as they do not disturb the wildlife).  

Length = .94 Mile

Difficulty = Very Easy

Wildlife Viewing = Wild Turkeys, Deer, Snapping Turtles

Trail Head = Campground Area

Chapter House Trails

The Chapter house trails are named for three Chapter members who have distinguished themselves as a "Fine Ike". This honorary title can only be achieved with hard work, amazing tenacity and having a great time thus raising the spirits of the rest of the volunteer corp.

It is our great honor to have these Fine Ikes as members of our Chapter. 

Loch Neff Trail

This trail begins behind the green maintenance building and follows a creek down to Lake Neff. The trail is named in honor of Chapter member Jim Sherry and is marked with Red blazes against a white backdrop.

This trail was originally cut out by BSA Troop 159. The foot bridges, final trail design and cleanup of the trail was an Eagle Scout project completed by Victor Cogle, BSA Troop 63.

Jim Sherry and Victor Cogle

Gloria Memorial Trail

This trail begins at the Layman shelter and follows the contours of the land to the archery range. The trail is named in remembrance of Gloria Barltrop and in honor of Chapter Member Chris Barltrop. 

The trail is marked with maroon blazes against a white background.

Chris Barltrop

Bishop Ken Trail

This trail begins in the archery range and winds through the pine forest along a ridge connecting to the Gloria Memorial Trail.

The trail was named in honor of Chapter member Butch Kramer who explains its name:

"Bishop Thomas Ken was a 17th century Anglican priest and bishop who studied for the ministry at Winchester, England. He is credited with writing the most famous doxology of the Christian religion in 1674:

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow......."

He also just happens to have been the step-son of Izaak Walton."

The trail is marked with sky blue blazes against a black background.

Butch Kramer and his wife Robbie


The Winchester Chapter of the Izaak Walton is here to bring our community together to experience, enjoy, and positively impact the great outdoors in our area.

Visit the National Chapter Site at:


540-662-2976 (voice message)


2863 Millwood Pike Winchester, VA 22602

Mailing: PO Box 2955 Winchester, VA 22604



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