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Winchester Chapter of the 
Izaak Walton League

Izaak Walton League of America National Programs and Our Local Conservation Partners

Chapter Residents

Wild Turkeys around the Chapter

Almost a Meal...

Watch as this raccoon evades a fox who is looking for his evening meal

The fox smells something interesting...

6 minutes later, a crafty raccoon making its escape

The fox and the raccoons frequent this area of the chapter on a regular basis

Winchester Chapter Conservation Programs

Volunteers are the life blood of our organization and they make an amazing difference every day. We understand the power of the youth outdoors experience! 

Here is an amazing example: The Loch Neff Trail named in honor of Chapter Volunteer Jim Sherry.

The trail was reclaimed in the winter of 2019 from the forest valley following an old path that was a 3D archery course in the 1970's. The overgrown area started as coordinated project with Boy Scout Troop 159. Troop 159 completed the initial clearing of dense undergrowth and downed trees.

The path became an Eagle Scout project completed by Victor Cogle of Boy Scout Troop 63. Victor's final design and the hard work of Boy Scout Troop 63 transformed the cleared area by defining the trail, repairing the washed out foot paths and clearing the downed timber that impacted the stream. The finished trail is an incredible asset for the Chapter that will be used by members and area youth groups. The Chapter cannot thank Victor and Troop 63 enough for the amazing trail. 

Chapter volunteers, from the Lake and Conservation Committee, anonymously worked many hours running chain saws, clearing garbage, marking and clearing brush while supporting the youth.  

Creating the Loch Neff Trail 

Completed Trail

The Winchester Chapter of the Izaak Walton League is an organization that is 100% run by volunteers!

We are the stewards of the 156 acre chapter established in this location in 1965 like the many volunteers before us. Our volunteer Corp includes folks from all walks of life that understand the beauty of nature, the wise stewardship of the land with man's sharing in it and the power of the youth outdoors experience.

Join us, VOLUNTEER! Get a callus chopping wood, laughing with friends and later share a mug of coffee made over a fire. Trust us, it makes you forget the day job and commute!


The Winchester Chapter of the Izaak Walton is here to bring our community together to experience, enjoy, and positively impact the great outdoors in our area.

Visit the National Chapter Site at:


540-662-2976 (voice message)


2863 Millwood Pike Winchester, VA 22602

Mailing: PO Box 2955 Winchester, VA 22604



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