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Never, never be tempted to let your eyes drift from the target to check its relationship with the gun barrel because this will simply result in the swing of the gun being check momentarily and the shot being sent harmlessly behind the target.

This tip came from the book “Move Mount Shoot – A Champion’s Guide to Sporting Clays” by John Bidwell with Robin Scott.

Where Should the Muzzle Be? by Gil and Vicki Ash

If you’re left confused after a missed target and don’t know why you missed, your confusion is often because of the erratic movement of your muzzle before and during the shot. This has to do with how your eyes react to movement. Your eyes will always go to the fastest moving thing in your view, and for most shooters, that’s the gun. Way too many shooters are moving and mounting the gun going to the target (usually from behind the target) and then trying to do something about it — while trying not to look at the gun. If you’re going to the target, you’re behind when you get there, and you’ll look at the gun. The gun must be ahead of the target to hit it, of course. Think of the shot as converging lines being made by the target and the muzzle, and as they converge, the target is always behind the muzzle. The muzzle starts in front of the target and controls the target from in front throughout the shot. The eyes are always looking at the target, which is behind where the barrels are pointing.

Our shotgun instructors work with all abilities. From novice youth shooters to the

advanced shooter looking for a perfect round, we have the expertise on site. 

We also have loaner shotguns available upon request.

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